Easy Ways to Walk More

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when starting their exercise program is assuming that the only time that you have to thinking about exercising is when you go to the gym, or that exercise has to be very intensity in order to be effective. While that kind of heart pounding exercise can be very important to an overall fitness strategy, including some exercise throughout the day that is very low intensity can also be effective in losing weight and increasing you overall fitness level.

Probably the best and the easiest way to achieve more low impact exercise is by walking more in your daily life. Here are few tips that anyone can use to walk a little bit more every day.

Don’t Lounge Around During Work Breaks – Most people don’t realize that during work breaks is the perfect time to get a little more exercise in. Especially if you work in a office job that involves sitting in front of a computer all day, it is imperative that you use your breaks not just sit around eating, but being a bit more active. Walking around during you breaks won’t just burn more calories, they will also help you feel more refreshed for work, and ultimately be more productive.

Wear a Device that Counts Your Steps – A pedometer, or a small device that can count how many steps you take throughout the day, can be your best friend in fitness. In fact, studies show that if you wear a pedometer, you are more likely to make an effort to get more walking in throughout the day. It seems that when you can actually see how much walking you do, you become motivated to actually walk more. Some advanced models not only tell you how many steps you made throughout the day, but also estimate how far you walked and many calories you burned through walking.

Park in the Back of the Parking Lot – When you go shopping at the mall or the grocery store is a fantastic opportunity to get a bit more walking into your daily life. When most people go shopping, rather than simply parking in one of the spaces in the back, where parking is abundant, they wait until a space closer the store’s entrance opens up. But if you are serious about walking a lot more throughout the day, it is to your advantage to just take one of the spots farther away from the store. Not only will you get in a nice stroll to and from the store, but it will much easier to find a space.

Walk with Family and Friends – Probably the biggest problem people have with starting an exercise program is that they fear it will take away time from their friends and family. But really, there is no reason why exercise can’t be a social activity. Rather than watching television with your significant other when you get home from work, take a walk around your neighborhood. You might just be surprised to see how much sightseeing there is to do just within a block of your home.

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