MSG Side Effects – Beware of MSG In The Food You Eat

MSG Side EffectsI first discovered MSG side effects when I was having dinner with a girl friend back in the 80’s. We were just about finished our dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Orlando when my friend Karen experienced the sudden onset of an asthma attack.

I saw my friend go, in a blink of an eye, from laughter and light heartedness to suddenly fearing for her life. Her face turned red, she began to wheeze and she grabbed for her inhaler which fortunately for her she carried in her purse. She had bad experiences MSG side effects before and had forgotten to ask the waitress if they used it in their restaurant.

Avoid MSG and Its Excitotoxin Cousins

You’ve heard about MSG side effects and MSG in food for years. In fact you probably read your labels and refuse to buy anything that says MSG in the list of ingredients. But did you know that many food manufacturers have hidden MSG in your food under different names? Not to mention the fast food you may be eating, for which most people don’t bother to read the ingredients, is often filled with various excitotoxins. In fact McDonald’s was recently caught red handed so to speak for using dairy and wheat gluten to enhance the flavor their French fries. Prior to the “reveal,” McDonald’s indicated in their nutritional information that their French fries were wheat and dairy free. Caveat Emptor! Buyer beware!

There are numerous side effects from MSG in food, side effects that can be largely avoided by eating a whole food diet. This is not always the case, but you can significantly decrease your concern about food additives and MSG side effects etc, but limiting what you eat to whole natural, unprocessed food.

What are the MSG side effects?

MSG is an excitotoxin, which in a nut shell means, these chemical transmitters excite your brain cells to death. Children seem to be more susceptible. Russell Blaylock, Author of Excitotoxins the Taste that Kills, discovered that excitotoxins, like MSG, may aggravate or precipitate many neurological disorders.

With what seems like more and more awareness about neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, most people want to do all they can to avoid developing these disorders. The safest and easiest way to take care of your brain health is avoid all food additives by eating a raw food, whole food diet. After all, your body was not created to assimilate and utilize artificial or man made anything. Your body was created to utilize food as it was created. So avoid MSG side effects and eat food in its most natural form.

Some specific side effects and disorders related to excitotoxins discussed in Blaylock’s book include:

Brain cell death
Brain damage
Brain Tumors

For more information on MSG side effects and excitotoxins visit Excitotoxins – MSG Repackaged.

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