Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes are at the heart of living a healthy lifestyle. Having a plan and sticking to it are much easier when you have the food you need to succeed along using the best appetite suppressants.

Below, we will feature several recipes from our own files and from several different sources that fit with the philosophy of what eating a healthy diet means. These are hand picked recipes that we eat all the time, and there are other great nutritional elements like mushrooms, for example Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris are the most well-known cordyceps species, though there are hundreds of others as well.

If you always remember to “eat the most nutrient dense foods possible” you will never go wrong.

We hope you and your family enjoy these raw or near raw delicious recipes.

Breakfast Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Recipes
Enjoy this Healthy Breakfast Pudding and Apple Sauce Delight.

Healthy Breakfast Idea
Looking for healthy breakfast ideas that are easy, delicious and nutritious? You’ll love this 11 grain cereal.

How To Make Perfect Oatmeal
It’s not about what you put on the oatmeal that makes it perfect, it’s all about how you cook it.


Apple Crisp Recipe
This is a great recipe just in time for the holidays, and it’s guilt free too.

Banana Muffin Recipe
We’re sure you will enjoy this delicious banana muffin recipe.

Cacao Sesame Cookie Recipe
Eat this delicious chocolate cookie recipe raw or dehydrated.

Chocolate Truffle Recipe
I’ll bet you never expected to see the word healthy in the same sentence as dark chocolate truffles recipe.

Easy Fruit Popsicles
An easy way to make healthy and delicious fruit popsicles. They are sure to be a hit during the hot summer months.

Energy Bar Recipe
This energy bar recipe is just one of the many solutions offers to the personal energy crisis in America.

Granola Chocolate Chip Cookies
This is Alan’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s taken him a couple of months to perfect. We know you will love these!

German Chocolate Cake Recipe
Enjoy this traditional cake in a delicious raw version.

Homemade Granola Recipe
We eat this homemade granola recipe as a snack, occasional topping on fruit salad or on our 100% frozen fruit soft serve ice cream.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipe
Who ever thought that a homemade ice cream recipe could not only be delicious, but healthy and easy?

Lemon Bars Recipe
A raw twist on an old favorite. Who doesn’t like lemon bars?

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe
A classic cookie vegan style. It’s healthy and delicious!

Strawberry Mousse
This strawberry mousse is delicious. Fortunately, here in Florida we have fresh strawberries from December through May.

Strawberry Parfait Tofu Dessert Recipe
This strawberry parfait tofu dessert recipe balances the flavors of vegan ricotta and rich, ripe, fragrant strawberries and almonds.

Vegan Cookie Recipe
It is hard to resist a freshly baked homemade cookie.

Vegan Muffin Recipe
This vegan muffin recipe makes the fluffiest, softest, 100% whole grain muffins you’ve ever eaten.

Vegan Pumpkin Pie Recipe
A delicious and different pumpkin pie for the Christmas holidays.


Creamy Orange Cilantro Dressing
This Creamy Orange Cilantro Dressing is the perfect compliment to go with the Broccoli Salad Recipe.

Cole Slaw Dressing Recipe
This is a simple vinaigrette dressing that we use from time to time on all the various salads we make. We know you will love it.

Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe
A homemade mayonnaise recipe is traditionally a very simple spread to make.


Coconut Milk Recipe
Here is a great substitute for regular processed milk purchased from your grocer.

Ginger Tea Recipe
A very refreshing tea for you to drink and enjoy especially with the upcoming warm summer months close at hand..

Green Drink Recipe
A fresh green drink, bursting with nutrition, made from ingredients found in our own garden.

Green Smoothie
A Green Smoothie is one of the most truly refreshing drinks you will ever have.

Green Smoothie Recipe
Try this delicious smoothie recipe made with fresh baby spinach and ginger. You will love it.

Healthy Diet Shakes
Healthy diet shakes are one of the easiest and most nutritious meals or snacks you can make.

Mango Smoothie Recipe
We think you will love this delicious mango smoothie recipe.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe
Strawberry smoothies are very popular and here in Florida we get plenty of great strawberries from December through May.

Vegan Strawberry Milkshake
Read a great rant about the milk industry and then enjoy this delicious vegan milkshake.

Vita Mix Smoothie Recipes
Enjoy these two delicious smoothies made with the Vita Mix blender.

General Recipes And Entrees:

Basic Muffin Recipe
Use and modify this recipe to make your version of healthy muffins.

Basil Pesto Recipe
You will certainly love this basil pesto recipe.

Broccoli Recipe
Here is a super easy broccoli recipe. This recipe is especially great as a side dish for a picnic, since it is marinated not cooked.

Brown Rice & Lentils Recipe
This lentils recipe was inspired by our favorite Lebanese restaurant in Melbourne, FL.

Butternut Squash
Learn how to cook this delicious tasting squash.

Crunchy Granola
Here’s a great crunchy granola recipe that I know you will enjoy.

Easy Thai Recipe
This easy Thai recipe was inspired by the Thai Style Pasta Recipe in Kim Wilson’s raw food preparation book “Every Day Wholesome eating…In the Raw”.

Garlic Mashed Potato Recipe
By making this delicious garlic mashed potato recipe, you can enjoy delicious, guilt free flavor and nutrition.

Healthy Corn Chip Recipe
Delicious corn chips made in our Excalibur Dehydrator.

Healthy Lunch Ideas
Here are some healthy lunch ideas that are quick and easy and will give you sustained energy for the rest of the afternoon.

Healthy Trail Mix Recipe
Don’t eat junk on your next outing. Try this healthy trail mix recipe.

Healthy Vegetarian Lunch
Try this healthy black bean wrap with cole slaw and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Homemade Marinara Sauce Recipe
This living marinara sauce recipe will delight your taste buds like no other homemade marinara sauce recipe you have ever had.

Hummus Recipe
Are you looking for an easy hummus recipe? Well quite frankly, I don’t know of any difficult hummus recipes.

Ratatouille Recipe
You’ll love this tasty ratatouille recipe.

Rich Pesto Pasta Recipe
Pesto is a rich, delicious and most importantly a healthy sauce.

Roasted Potato Recipe
One of our favorite cooked food dishes is this roasted potato recipe.

Simple Tuna Salad Recipe
Are you a vegan or a raw foodist looking for a simple tuna salad recipe that is nearly identical to the real thing?

Spinach Recipe
Enjoy this tasty spinach pesto recipe.

Sprouted Grain Bread
This sprouted grain bread recipe is so simple and delicious; you won’t believe it is made with only one ingredient.

Vegetarian BBQ Burger Recipe
Don’t go with out BBQ burgers just because you are a vegan!

Veggie Burger Recipe
We decided it was time to take offensive action and create a fabulous dehydrated veggie burger.


Asian Cole Slaw
Here is a beautiful, easy and refreshing Asian Cole Slaw recipe.

Avocado Salad Recipe
A delicious recipe for avocado salad that includes romaine lettuce and goes great with mango fruit salad.

Beet Recipe – Beet Salad Recipe
You’ve probably tried them all, now try this unique beet recipe.

Black Bean Recipe
This black bean recipe is quick, easy, delicious and most of all nutritious.

Broccoli Salad Recipe
Broccoli is one of our favorite vegetables not only for its taste, but for the wonderful nutrition it provides.

Carrot Salad Recipe
In addition to a simple carrot salad recipe, in this recipe article you will find some great information about the nutritional value of carrots.

Cole Slaw Recipe – Red Cabbage Slaw
It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like a cole slaw recipe. We know you will love this one.

Cranberry Orange Relish Recipe
Enjoy this traditional Christmas and Thansgiving treat.

Easy Fruit Salad Recipe
There is nothing simpler, more nutritious and exceptionally delicious than an easy fruit salad recipe.

Green Salads
Green leafy salads should be a staple in your home, they are in ours.

Red Cabbage Recipe
If you prefer, you can substitute green cabbage in this red cabbage recipe. However, we love to use red cabbage because of its color.

Spinach Salad Recipe
Here’s a great Spinach Salad recipe with homemade Honey Dijon Dressing.

Tabouli Recipe
You can enjoy this Tabouli Recipe as a side dish, appetizer or lettuce wrap filling.

Tropical Black Bean Salad Recipe
A quick and delicious salad recipe invented on our latest vacation.


Butternut Squash Soup
You will love the great tasting and healthy and easy to make soup.

California Miso Soup Recipe
This soup takes 10 minutes to make and is absolutely delicious.

Easy Chili Recipe
This meatless chili recipe is made from mostly living food and has an ample amount of protein because of the beans.

Hearty Tomato Vegetable Soup
Winter time is a great time to make Hearty Tomato Vegetable Soup.

Kale Soup Recipe
A delicious soup made from the kale in our own garden.

Spinach Soup Recipe
Our cream of spinach soup recipe will supply you with all the wonderful vitamins and minerals that fresh, living spinach has to offer.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili
Yes, it sounds a bit unusual, but it has an incredible flavor that you will love.

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