Health Fitness Tip For Improving Your Overall Health

Here’s the best health fitness tip I know of – with out a doubt, you can avoid many of the diseases and illnesses that are in near epidemic proportions in America. Millions of people die annually of illnesses that are largely preventable. You can choose to take responsibility for your health. But, will you do it?

When there is a natural disaster, plane crash or other loss of life tragedy in the world, we all stand down in horror, compassion, concern, disbelief and a whole other host of emotions. Generally, after the shock and horror dissipate, people begin looking for someone to blame. But what about the millions of people who die each year of lifestyle related diseases, diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Do you feel the same kind of horror and shock knowing that these deaths could have been prevented through simple lifestyle changes?

One of the problems in getting the truth out, on a large scale basis, is special interest groups. Many groups are much more interested in promoting their own money making agenda than promoting your health. For example the ADA (American Dietitians Association) has helped educate the public and develop nutritional guidelines for schools and hospitals.

Is there a problem with this? Well, one tiny weenie little problem is that the ADA has received substantial contributions from companies like M&M Mars, McDonalds, and Coca-Cola. Are these the organizations you want to be influencing the nutritional guidelines for yourself and your children?

Health and fitness does not need to be complicated. We can boil it down to about 5 principles.

Health Fitness Tip number 1
is if you want to be healthy eat as many raw, whole foods as possible. In fact people on a plant based living food diet don’t have to worry about counting carbs, fat or protein for that matter. They can pretty much eat as much as they want, when they want, while all the while maintaining their weight at a healthy level. Most people don’t realize that cooking food over 118 degrees Fahrenheit kills all the enzymes. Enzymes are necessary for the healthy operation of all your body functions, so it’s important to provide your body the enzymes found in living raw food. If interested in maintaining a good weight you might also be interested in this Peak Bioboost review article.

Health Fitness Tip number 2 is drink plenty of pure water. The human body is about 70% water and contains about 80 quarts of water. That’s 20 gallons per 150 lb person. Water is necessary to cleanse, nourish and regulate the cellular function. We are only as healthy as our cells.

Health Fitness Tip number 3 is breathe fresh air. Without oxygen we will die. Our body is compiled of 100 trillion cells, each cell needs an adequate food and waste disposal system. By providing the right amounts of nutrition, oxygen and water you will keep your cells healthy and functioning optimally. You may also take Wonka Bars Strain everyday to be more energized throughout your day.

Health Fitness Tip number 4 is get plenty of sunshine. I know, I know. We have been led to believe that the sun is bad and the ultraviolet light causes cancer. I am certainly not recommending being foolish…there is a big difference between abusing your body through over exposure to sun and taking in healthy periods of sunshine everyday.

After all, I wonder why God created our bodies to require sunshine to manufacture vitamin D. The human body can generate 10,000 to 12,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D from one half hour of sun exposure. Contrast that with the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D which is only 200 to 600 IU each day.

Finally, Health Fitness Tip number 5 is exercise. Exercise keeps the lymph system moving through out the body. This is essential because the lymph system has no pump of its own. It depends on you to keep moving, to keep it moving, and cleaning up the cellular waste.

Exercise, both aerobic and weight bearing, keep muscles, bones and the cardiovascular system strong. Unfortunately, the most exercise many people get is getting off the couch to find the remote control. One of the saddest problems that occurs with lack of exercise is what happens to the elderly. With lack of exercise we gradually get weaker and weaker over time…in the elderly this results in an increase in osteoporosis, muscle weakness and consequently falls and hip fractures. Once a hip fracture occurs there is often a downward spiral towards death. Eating right and exercising can help prevent this problem.

So you see, keeping healthy and fit does not have to be complicated. It’s actually pretty simple: Just do what your mother use to tell you. “Eat all your fruits and vegetables, then go outside and run around in the fresh air and sunshine.” Mom knew what she was talking about.

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