What Can Fitness Training Do for You?

Fitness Training – Fitness is necessary to achieve the broad goal of improved health and general well-being. It’s part of a bigger picture that incorporates efforts to live a healthy lifestyle – balanced / healthy diet, avoidance of vices, and regular exercise.

By focusing on the exercise aspect of the entire package, you will find your body image improving and energy levels rising.

Fitness training can be split into four elements: aerobic exercises, muscular fitness, flexibility and stability & balance.

Aerobic exercises are exercises geared towards improving the body’s capacity to use oxygen (or aerobic capacity). These exercises benefit the cardio and respiratory systems. If these systems are working well, they can efficiently transport oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body. Examples are running, biking, or dancing.

Exercises for muscular fitness are geared towards strengthening them and increasing their capacity to do work. If your muscles are fit, you are able to carry heavy loads without much effort. Examples are lifting weights and use of resistance equipment.

Flexibility is your joints’ ability to perform their whole range of motion. Fitness training exercises that lengthen your muscles will improve your flexibility. Example, stretching exercises. Yoga and tai-chi also promote flexibility because of the positions they assume during the sessions.

Stability and balance use the strength and fitness of your core muscles – those at the center of your body, which is your center of gravity. These muscles are your lower back, abdomen, pelvis and hips. These muscles provide the support your body needs for all its movements. If they are conditioned, they prevent your from tripping or falling – a danger most elderly face. You will also avoid back pains.

Other benefits include increased energy level and metabolism plus, all the other documented health benefits of regular exercise: lower risk of hypertension and heart diseases, lower cholesterol level and cancer, as well as increased immunity and a general sense of well-being. And not to forget, a slimmer, better appearance and a better mood for Circadian Optics light therapy.

Of course, these benefits go beyond better health and increased level of fitness. They spill over into your work (better performance and productivity), family life (strength and better mood) and quality of life. If you engage in fitness training, you are working for a healthier, now.
Fitness Training Tips

Before starting, always consult your doctor first. He will be able to tell you your fitness level and will help you manage if you have a health condition.

There is a lot to learn when first getting started with your workouts. Consulting a certified personal trainer or coach would be ideal. He should be able to help you lay out your fitness goals and objectives and your overall program, including what exercises to begin with and how to increase the intensity and length of your sessions.

Always start small and work your way up to higher intensity and more demanding routines. There is no rush. Your body needs time to adjust and keep up.

You have a lifetime ahead of you to train and to reap the rewards of your effort.

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