Things to Keep in Mind When Exercising Outdoors in Warm Weather

Not all exercise takes place in the gym. In fact, walking or jogging around in the great outdoors can burn just as many calories as jogging on a treadmill, and as a bonus you get to do some sightseeing. But in the summer months or any time it is particularly warm, it is vital to take a few extra precautions to make outdoor exercise safer for you.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind if you are exercising in warm weather.

Hydrate – If you have read anything about health of exercise, you have probably heard “drink more water” a million times. But even so, it is so important that is really bears repeating. Especially while working out in warm weather, drinking plenty of water is vital. Drinking enough water will help you exercise better, feel better, and prevent heat stroke. It makes it easier of you have a water bottle with a “sport top” so that you can just drink on the go.

Make Sunscreen Your Best Friend – Choosing the right sunscreen and applying it liberally is vital. If you wake up the next morning with burns on your body, it just might put the brakes on your fitness plan for a while. Try to choose a sunscreen that are specifically designed for being active and sports. They are designed not to run as much, so they won’t sting your eyes when you start sweating. You should also try to reapply every thirty to forty minutes. If you do get burned, be sure to apply aloe vera to the affected area to minimize pain and moisturize. Taking care of you burns can also help prevent them from turning into anything serious.

Wear Comfortable Clothing
– You need to make sure that you clothing facilities your outdoor exercise as much as possible. Cotton is a popular choice, because it breathes well and allows for a lot of mobility. You should also preferably wear thin socks so that your feet aren’t too insulated. Sunglasses that are able to fit snugly to your face are also a must. It’s wroth it to also invest in a sports band that helps keep the sunglasses in place, because they are just flying off your face when you try to go jogging, you will probably choose to go without them.

Don’t Exercise in the Middle of the Day
– When most people plan to exercise on the weekend, they usually choose to sleep in on their day off and then roll out of bed whenever it suits them. But this usually means exercising in the middle of the day, right when it is hottest. It is much healthier to either wake up a little earlier and exercise when it isn’t at hot. Or alternatively, you could start exercising at dusk when the day starts to cool off a bit.

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