Important Considerations For Exercise Newbies

Hey, even marathon runners had to start somewhere. And when they started, they were probably just like everyone else who was new to exercise: a little overwhelmed by all the information on fitness out there and wondering if they were able to actually stick to a fitness routine. But with a little tenacity, hard work, and guidance, anyone can successfully enter into the world of health and exercise.

If you are just beginning in fitness, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind.

Don’t Mind the Sore Muscles – Everyone who exercises with any degree of regularity will get sore muscles from time to time. In fact, some soreness can be a good sign, because it means that your muscles are working hard to recover. However, the soreness is the worst for people who are just starting out. Because your muscles just aren’t accustomed to that kind of physical activity, they are more susceptible to aching after a good workout. In fact, you might even have a difficult time doing simple physical activities, such as walking or lifting small objects. Don’t worry, the soreness goes away after time and doesn’t get as bad as you become more accounted to exercising on a regular basis.

Go Slow and Steady At First
– Some people who are exercising for the first time make the mistake of being too ambitious. While it’s good to progress through your fitness rapidly, trying to do too much too soon can actually be harmful for your body. Lifting more weight than what you are ready for or trying to sprint for too long wont lead to anything but muscle cramps and exhaustion. While you should of course be exerting some effort, you shouldn’t be straining yourself quite yet. Try to take it a little easy until your totally familiarize yourself with your workouts and how it feels to be physically active.

Try Lots of Different Exercises
– As you are just starting out exercising, it is important that you explore the many ways that you can work your body. Some people try one exercise type and just stick with that their entire life. While this is certainly better than no exercise at all, it is actually better for your fitness level if you have lots of different exercises in your repertoire. So one day you might try some light cardio, the next you might try your hand at weight training, and the next your might try your hand at pliometrics or stretching techniques. By exploring all the exercise has to offer, you teach yourself how to use your body in a very physical way and also what kind of exercises you prefer.

Get an Exercise Partner – It helps if you can find someone else who can exercise with you. By having someone else who can work alongside you have more motivation to work out at your scheduled times. If your partner has more experience exercising than you do, you also have an excellent way to learn about the proper techniques of exercises.

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