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How Did Monique Lose Her Weight?

Many people are asking how did Monique lose her weight? In addition to being known as a loud, boisterous, amazingly funny comedienne, Monique is now also attracting attention for losing more than 40 pounds. Proud of her plus size figure, she admits to seeing herself as a big, beautiful sex kitten.

However, a few years ago, her husband asked about her weight in such a gentle, loving way that she realized she needed to drop more than a few pounds. At 262, when she started her weight loss journey, she loved her body and the way she looked. However, she realized that this was putting her in a very high risk category for diabetes and high blood pressure.

The mother of a 19 year old and a set of three year old twins, she hosts a plus-size beauty pageant and has made appearances on a variety of reality TV episodes and talk shows. Many people wonder, how did Monique lose her weight in the midst of all of her personal and professional responsibilities? She became serious about weight loss when her husband voiced his concern, stating that he wanted to have her for a lifetime. Monique found a trainer that understands a big woman’s body and how to maximize weight loss for that body type.

She works out, incorporating cardio, stretching and weight training. For her it’s all about being healthy. There are no fad weight loss diet plans, or gimmicks involved. She has changed her eating habits slowly, over a period of time, beginning with cutting out the junk food. Instead of reaching for cakes, cookies and potato chips, she has stocked her refrigerator and pantry with healthier options. Red meat and fried foods have been replaced with fresh fish and salads. To stay hydrated throughout the day, she drinks water and it’s a lot of water. It’s about a gallon a day. With the addition of her trainer, she has also maintained a steady gym routine.

How did Monique lose her weight? If you look closely, you’ll find that not only does she work hard, she plays hard. She told Oprah that she dances to help improve her weight loss. She says that she sweats and moves muscles that she didn’t know she had. The fat is just going away as Monique continues her routine.

Monique is not shy about her weight loss. She believes in being big and beautiful, but she wants to be healthy at the same time. Her goal is to be around to meet her children’s children. With a healthy diet, the use of hcg for sale and a weight loss regimen, she has been able to lose more than forty pounds. Monique weight loss is a real success story.