You might be wondering who’s behind this healthy diet web site and why we’re doing this. What’s the purpose of this web site anyway?

We are Jean and Alan LeStourgeon and we are passionate about our health, staying fit for each other and because God has blessed us with these bodies as our earthly vessels.

We believe that almost all sickness is caused by the way we eat and that we can live in good health if we eat the foods that God has given us, in their natural forms.

Have you ever thought about why we are such an unhealthy society? Why do we spend over a trillion dollars every year on health care? With all the advances in medicine, why are we still sick so much?

Doesn’t it seem that the natural state of so many people is sickness? Why are most of the prayers at our churches for people who are sick? Why are families sick all the time. Why is there so much sickness, in our schools, workplaces and homes? Why is every other commercial on TV advertising a prescription drug?

Jean and I┬ábelieve your good health isn’t in a bottle of pills, it’s on the end of your fork!

Raw and whole food is the most nutritious food available. That is, fruits and vegetables right off the trees or right out of the ground, not in a can. Raw food is bursting with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and life!

This web site is about sharing the tremendous blessing we have found in eating a healthy diet of mostly raw food mixed with a little cooked food. We invite you to explore www.ezHealthyDiet.com. On it we share how to set up your kitchen with all the necessary ingredients and food prep equipment, making the transition to a whole food diet, our tasty raw and partially cooked recipes, and a little about the limited amount of supplements we take.

ezHealthyDiet.com is here to serve you so feel free to contact us, let us know what you like to see on ezHealthyDiet.com and share with us your stories about the benefits of raw, healthy whole foods.

Please comment below to get in touch with us.


Alan and Jean LeStourgeon



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