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The Ultimate List of 51 Low Carb Snacks

Do you need low carb snacks because you are diabetic or on a paleo diet? Here is a great list we came up with that will help you through all those times you get the munchies but need that little something to get you through without messing up your diet.

Check out our graphic below and see the list you can copy and pasteĀ out for yourself below the graphic. Happy, healthy snacking…

And here’s the list. Copy and paste it into a separate document so you can print it out and use it as a shopping list for the grocery store.

  1. Bacon slices
  2. Hard boiled eggs
  3. String cheese with grapes
  4. Medium sized banana
  5. Nuts
  6. Celery and hummus
  7. Cheddar cheese slices
  8. Deviled eggs
  9. Rolled Boars Head turkey slices
  10. Pepperoni and cheese slices
  11. Baked cheese crisps
  12. Trail mix with nuts and seeds
  13. Tuna and lettuce roll ups
  14. Sliced red peppers with hummus
  15. Turkey jerky
  16. Feta cheese with tomato slices
  17. Cucumber and bacon bites
  18. Roast beef and Swiss roll ups
  19. Dill pickles
  20. Avocado slices
  21. Almonds
  22. Dark chocolate
  23. Kalamata olives
  24. Kale chips
  25. Dehydrated apple chips
  26. Tuna salad
  27. Macadamia nuts
  28. Guacamole and vegetables
  29. Protein smoothie
  30. Egg salad lettuce wraps
  31. Sliced chicken and avocado wraps
  32. Dehydrated meat chips
  33. Balsamic vinegar and tomatoes
  34. Dehydrated coconut chips
  35. Tuna and celery
  36. Small salad
  37. Baked mushrooms and pepperoni
  38. Blackberries
  39. Chicken skewers
  40. Peanut butter and low carb crackers
  41. Taco spiced meatballs
  42. Cream cheese and celery
  43. Vegetable juice
  44. Cherry tomatoes with olive oil
  45. Vegetable soup
  46. Almond butter
  47. Rolled ham and cheese slices
  48. Roasted portobello mushrooms
  49. Baked zucchini sticks w Italian spices
  50. Plain Greek yogurt
  51. Dehydrated mixed vegetable chips